In 1995, Ray chose to pursue a career in massage therapy.  He began attending Blue Cliff School in Louisiana.  He now has 20 years of experience.  His combined knowledge and experience of personal training, massage therapy, yoga, along with his competitive sports background, has heightened his awareness and knowledge of the importance of proper exercise to strengthen and balance various muscles to reduce the risk of injuries and improve those areas that may have become weakened from previous injuries.  He has a natural talent for discovering why people have pain and how to make it better whether due to a sports injury or just living life.  Working with athletes from various backgrounds has provided added insight and knowledge on ways to improve and prevent injuries to the body.

Rates: $40 (30 min); $65 (60 min); $75 (75 min); $90 (90 min)

Contact: 314-630-7280 or wisewarriormma@gmail.com (to schedule an appointment)