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Shannon Bucklin

Like many who find their way to this work, I had a history of disc issues in my spine that led me to the wonderful world of Gyrotonic Exercise.  As a dancer for most of my life, I suffered from reoccurring injuries. At times, it felt like there were no real solutions for sustained recovery until I discovered Gyrotonic exercise. The specific movements in this method resonated with me in a way other forms of exercise had not. Through rhythm, breath and continual spherical patterns, I found relief within my body.

Through Gyrotonic exercise I continue to rediscover its benefits and all it has to offer. 

My goal with this work is to help others obtain a sense of confidence in their movement whether it be in their golf game, their dance routine or simply while walking down the stairs. The beauty of the system, is that it is easily adaptable to all ages and abilities, enabling personal goals to be reached. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at Webster University. I have taken classes in Anatomy, Neurokinetic Therapy, the Alexander Technique, yoga and Tai Chi.  Recently certified in the Gyrokinesis method, I have been teaching classes in conjunction with the Fit and Food Connectionin St. Louis, working with communities that are in need of access to nutritional and fitness education.     


"I'm grateful for Shannon's Gyrotonic expertise. My sessions have been extraordinarily beneficial for me. Prior to engaging in the sessions with Shannon (over a year ago), I had significant issues with my shoulders (encapsulation).  As a result, I had a great deal of pain, periodic cortisone injections to alleviate the pain and limited mobility. Remarkably, since working with Shannon, the pain, as well as the need for the cortisone injections has been completely eliminated.  Further, my mobility and range of motion has escalated. When I attend the sessions consistently, aches, pain and stiffness are non existent.  Her expertise and our sessions are essential to my mobility and physical well being. Her clear and concise explanations and demonstrations, patience and positive attitude and demeanor are remarkable."    -Anne G.