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Immaculate Dissection 2: With Dr. Kathy Dooley | Lower Extremities

Immaculate Dissection 2: With Dr. Kathy Dooley | lower extremities

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Course fee: $600

Sat, Jun 16, 2018/ 8AM- 5 pm  

Sun, Jun 17, 2018/  8AM- 5 PM

Course Description:

Join us for the premiere of Level II in the Immaculate Dissection series, as we continue dissecting the Lower Extremity! The two day seminar will include more lecture, guided palpation and corrective assessments.

Lecture: discussion of intrinsic and extrinsic lower extremity musculature and mechanisms, as they pertain to rehabilitation, injury prevention and movement

Palpation: Live models are used to demonstrate location, as Dr. Dooley helps students locate and palpate anatomic structures.

Correctives: rehabilitative assessments and strategies are discussed and demonstrated, including stretches, lunges, getups, squats and additional tests