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PNF with Irene Rampino

  • GYROTONIC St. Louis Central 645 Hanley Industrial Ct. Brentwood, MO 63144 (map)

May 20th - 21st PNF (Proprioceptive neurological facilitation ) with Irene Rampino - Anyone Welcome- Course fee $250 and Studio fee $75 paid to GTSTLC due April 20th - non refundable. Course hours are 10a - 1p and 3p - 5p

Proprioceptive neurological facilitation (PNF) is an integrated approach that addresses a person's totality. As such, the underlying philosophy in PNF centers on untapped human potential. PNF sessions target the sensory receptors that inform the spatial relationships to our movements. The sessions also challenge nervous and muscular system responses, helping improve range of motion and alleviate fatigue.

To register for this course: contact Anne Thomasson at 314.409.0229 or at

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