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GYROTONIC Wingmaster Course

  • GYROTONIC St. Louis Central 645 Hanley Industrial Ct. Brentwood, MO 63144 (map)

October 11th-13th (3 days) Gyrotonic Wingmaster with Mike Luque $350 - Studio fee - $200 paid to GTSTLC due September 1st - nonrefundable


This course material increases the vocabulary of exercises that are possible using the GYROTONIC®Wingmaster and the Pulley Tower. Trainers learn new ways to connect the Wingmaster to the Tower then take those movements and add total body connectivity and strength. Pushing and pulling, upper body strengthening exercises are combined with lower body strength movement, like squats and lunges. The exercises in this course can be applied to clients of various ability levels, from seniors with strength and/or mobility limitations to athletes seeking to increase total body conditioning and coordination.

To register for this course: contact Anne Thomasson at 314.409.0229 or at

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ALL TRAINING DEPOSITS ARE NON- REFUNDABLE Please contact Anne Thomasson to sign up – 314-409-0229 or email