Alan is a practitioner of Dr. Ida Rolf’s work, Structural Integration. He graduated from the Guild for Structural Integration in 1997 and is a Board Certified Structural Integrator. For him this work is a way for him to educate people on how to heal and have them take control of their health and care for themselves.

Alan uses a lifetime of accumulated skills in other fields; bicycling, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, meditation, ballroom dance, hiking, backpacking, furniture design, repair and manufacture, artistry, driving (I was a trucker), IT, cartography, and project management to assist his clients in achieving their health goals. He is active with the International Association of Structural Integration and serves on the CBSI (Certification Board for Structural Integration).

Rates: $110 a session (a session is between 1-½ and 2 hours)

Contact: 314-771-8730 or (to schedule an appointment)